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Of Thorns and Roses

by Sreejit Poole

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Sam Redford
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Sam Redford Dark but not dark. Sad but not sad. Real but inspiring. It's all about the lyrics. It's kinda punk. And kinda pure. Just letting it all out. Don't know why, but I love it.
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Divya Poet or prophet? Not sure, but he doesn't need any flash to get his point across. He's got a guitar and a message and that's enough.
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For the Record (Kumbaya) I’ve got a pen and a thought, I’ve got a story trapped deep in my heart, I’ve got a freaky little way to start, but it seems the words don’t wanna come out - I’m feeling a little restless now. Who read my soul? Who read my soul and turned away? Who read my soul and turned away? Kumbaya my Lord. Kumbaya. Kumbaya my Lord but for the record, the words don’t wanna come out ‘cause I’m not feeling very holy now. I’ve got a pen and a thought, but I’m scared to write the words for the power they’d impart I’ve got a lot of careless things to say - I’ve got a lot of minds to mold my way. Who read my soul and turned away, because they didn’t have the time for more than a smile and a have a nice day? True love, it comes from above, and I don’t expect it but, a little bit, it would be fine with me. Lord come quickly, ‘cause I’m falling down - you better catch hold, ‘cause I’m not gonna catch hold. Lord I’m running never to be found - unless you catch hold, ‘cause I’m not gonna catch hold.
We are just animals after all, thinking we are free, drawing lines and boxes to be taken seriously, thinking we are civil when some rule and some obey, we create a social order that is not to be betrayed, but we are just animals after all, of all shapes and sizes, pretending some are ideal and should be desired, pretending the lines we’ve drawn are a natural progression of a cause and effect world where the strong are never threatened, but we are simply animals drawing mazes upon our consciousness, and there’s no way out when there was no way in to a concept’s righteous abyss. I’m gonna walk the lines, I’m gonna be on time, I’m gonna make sure that every little thing falls in line because could it be, that there’s something more than these man made rules that I abhor, like a reflection of the divine where we think that this is yours and that is mine, and really it’s all hers and we’re all gonna get what we deserve.
What do I do now with all my manufactured dreams? I am corporate bred to lust after shiny things – What do I do now that I know it’s not the way? but it’s in my DNA, my very soul I have betrayed - Lord, what do I do now? I’ve got a penchant for fighting with my words - it’s a deep-down lasting hurt - sharing pain is my comfort. I’ve got a way to string you all along - hypnotize you with my song – use the divine to right my wrong I’ve got a way to distribute all my shame - to pretend that it is love - wrap you up in my name I’ve got a way to cry out all my tears - pretend it is a song, and wrap you in my fears. Ain’t nothing for free in a world of duality - everything is give and take, everything is love and hate. Ain’t nothing for free when I am you and you are me - I will seep in your consciousness and remove your sanity. Too angry, too tired, too far down this path to ever want to sing another song. Too angry, too tired to ever really know what’s going on. So, wrap me up in your love - I want to forget what’s below and what’s above. So, wrap me up in your love and let me picture a world beyond what my dreams are made of.
Straw mat and a concrete floor, food in the corner from two days before, callus hand but they weren’t always rough, sharp words but we weren’t always tough, laundry hanging from a rope through the center of the room This is what the dream looks like, more than a struggle it’s a fight to be kind when you’re hungry and tired, ‘cause you don’t have any right to be tired when people are coming to forget their problems, and maybe a little of your time could help solve them, maybe a kind word from you would absolve them from feeling that they’re all alone. Beaten down by the work no one sees, ‘cause it’s always full-on behind the scenes Getting home at most once a year, and never bringing the glam and cheer – just watching TV just to get out of your head Straw mat and a concrete floor, kind of looks like the city before, but that place had water and this one you have to go next door, but next door they have a kitchen and some home cooked food, and a friendly ear to pry out the blues if you choose to forget for a moment that you are alone - yeah this is what the dream looks like.
Feel My Blues Hear my words and be confused as you look into my eyes and feel my blues - happiness is hiding from the darkness to which my heart has clung. oh, oh, lost control I hold the answer, but my heart wants more don’t even care what I’ve been fighting for - dreams are there to hold me down forsaking the peace that I have found. So long as I hold onto sleep - it keeps me in darkness – I’ll go on pretending. To contentment I’ve said goodbye, there’ll never be any compromise, as I fight for what could never be and stir the fire that burns within me. It only takes a moment to destroy a life’s work beyond all atonement. Tearing down old walls to make space for new ones - enjoying the comfort of being wrapped in illusions.
Freedom Song 04:11
Freedom Song Freedom won’t ever call your name - it’s not a game that ends in truth or fame. Presided over by cause and effect, the world is here to present us with our debts. Freedom won’t ever call your name – it’s got a price, we must give up our shame The fight is more than a song and a phrase; we have to be willing to give up our name. We rest in the struggle, to fade to black in peace. We rest in the struggle to give up our eternity. Accountability is more than taking the blame. Where were you when we sealed our fate? Did you watch as we chose hate over love? Did you wait for help from above? This moment is all that we have, even as we die we can lend a helping hand. Humanity will pay the price, but we can do right before fading into the night. So many roads we could have traveled, but we chose power over equality, and now our end we can see.
Fear the friend I chose because it could always be counted on to take me to a familiar place an embrace where I understood the stakes. But you talk of love and what do I do with that -found the pieces of my heart attached to words I don’t understand - must drop my shame to gain what I lack. Step by step, you guide, I move I’ll be your fool if you want me to - say my name if it suits you either way I’ll be holding on, pushing through. The cliché of an artist lost too much feelings and damn the cost recognize that I’ve chosen sadness recognize that I’ve chosen madness can’t get out of my own way my own happiness I will betray the darkness comforts all I know fear the friend I choose to hold. Que the lonely credits I’ll walk my path, I’ll grin and bear it - my shame keeps its hands outstretched misery loves company til death.
Thorns and Roses If you see my roses blooming tell me don't want to miss out on one good thing, if you see my roses blooming tell me, all I see are the thorns that guide my way - all alone, whether we know it in the moment – gotta sense of it, but can't accept – one day all will be clear, intuition betrays our deepest fears - begging for love but don't know how to receive it, the idea of existence has stole our freedom, the burden of I and mine has deceived us, a belief that love can both come and then leave us.
The trauma lives for years past the angry faces, flooding tears, the make ups, the break ups, fear of retribution, the scars run deep that define our confusion the trauma lives for years past the angry faces. Got my ticket to freedom but I still can’t fly, can’t take the steps to release my pride, it’s no mystery what’s holding me back as I keep one eye open for the coming attack. Don’t need a relationship to define my worth, no, I keep dragging my own self down like a love-less curse, yeah, the trauma lives for years, but we have to find a way to break free of this cell in which we reside. Scar tissue forms and we break it, we smile and we work as we fake it - always searching for signs of a real dawn - we’re just pawns in the drama where insecurities are the gods, All we are searching for is a break from the past, where we can be free of our own definitions desperate but never finding a permanent solution - clinging to the world instead of the Self.
Her Lines 04:34
Her Lines Each time we tell ourselves we know what we’re getting into. then we can’t breathe, can’t form the words, to bring back the meaning into - when the world doesn’t flow to our beat anymore and the darkness carries on we must remember why we stay strong. I walk the lines ‘cause they’re beautiful, to see the world as she lays it out - to play the game as she laughs out loud - to caress her name with a sin-tinged growl - I walk Her lines ‘cause they’re beautiful. Take two steps, won’t you take two steps to me – I want to feel like I am King – and she’ll take two steps, and she’ll run one hundred more, because she knows what we’re fighting for – a truth we can believe in, a world beyond fear where tears flow freely, overwhelmed by a love so dear, where brothers and sisters are rooting for each other, because you know we all came from one mother. Hand in hand, or locked in step, doesn’t really matter when we’re flowing in each other’s breath, only fools want more than everything and this is everything.


Blues-Folk-Poetry-Soul to bridge the heart and mind - a little bit of emotional instability to open up the possibilities - old school for the old souls, and we are all old souls after all - just in want of a little humanity.


released September 30, 2018

All songs written and composed by Sreejit Poole


all rights reserved



Sreejit Poole Seattle, Washington

The artist formerly known as Sreejit now goes by Satvamrita Chaitanya after being formerly initiated into the path of brahmacharya by his Guru, the world renowned, Mata Amritanandamayi.

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